HVAC systems have become an unavoidable necessity for all types of buildings. These systems are very important for maintaining the safety and comfort of the building occupants. The Air conditioning and heating components help in controlling proper airflow and indoor temperature, making sure that you neither start sweating nor end up freezing.

Keeping this in mind, we develop and implement top quality HVAC systems including Daikin Air Conditioner, Carrier Air Conditioner with top range of product  in different industries such as healthcare, education, commercial space ,offices, malls,  PSUs, etc.

Type of Products

Ducted/Package  Air conditioners:  we have wide range of ducted and package air conditioners starts from 1.5 tr, 2tr,3 tr, 5.5 tr, 8.5 tr,11 tr, 17,tr, 22 tr,33 tr, 44 tr. Application of these products are in offices, restaurant , Bars ,Pubs, Hospitals, Banquet hall, Industry and many other commercial spaces. Ducted air conditioners are most economical ac with respect to capital value of other product. Ducted Air conditioners and available in cooling only models

Inverter Type Ducted Air conditioners:  These air conditioners are more economical with respect to running cost but they have more capital investment than normal ducted air conditioners. These are used in some special cases varies on site condition.

Variable Refrigerant Flow/Volume Air conditioners: We have wide range of VRV system from 4 hp to 1000 hp. These are most advanced air conditioners with heating and cooling option. These air conditioners can work from minus 10degree to plus 50 degree C of ambient temperature. These system are best fit for hotels, hospitals, offices and residential buildings.

Chiller Air Conditioners:  Whenever  anybody talks about expert or precession cooling , Fluidus Engineering must be in top of them , we provide wide range of solution to various industries, hospitals and big banquet halls. Chiller Air conditioners process cooling range from -15 c with help of brine solutions has been provided to many pharmacy industries by Fluidus Engineering.

Kithen Ventilation:  FLuidus Engineering provides expertise solution to kitchen ventilation requirement for restaurant and hotels.

Services Provided By Us


Fluidus Engineering provide an extensive range of Daikin Ac service in Chandigarh. We also provide top-notch services for Carrier air conditioner. Our services include- ducting a window air conditioner, floor heating, energy recover, smoke management & ventilation, Process cooling & refrigeration, and many more. Our excellent services for Daikin air conditioning  have been praised and appreciated by our clients from various industries.

  • Design & Planning, Detailing & Drawings of HVAC projects
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning turnkey solutions
  • Refrigeration and Process Cooling
  • Chilled  Water Systems (Air Cooled / Water Cooled)
  • Chilled Beans / District Cooling
  • Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
  • VRV/VRF Conditioning Systems
  • Duct Design & its Layout
  • Smoke Ventilation and Management
  • Boilers (Steam and Water)
  • Floor Heating
  • Variable Air Volume
  • Energy Recovery
  • BMS and Controls