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What is CNC programming?

The manufacturers use computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programming  Training for creating program instructions to direct the computers to administer machine tools. These instructions are used for running the CNC machines. These machines are utilised in cutting and shaping precision products like machine parts.


At CAD DESK, we offer industry-based CNC Programming training in Chandigarh. Our CNC Programming Course involves all the aspects of the subject including G Codes, M Codes, Part Programming, Thread Cycle, Grooving Cycle, Offset Setting, Fundamentals of CNC Lathe, Fundamentals of CNC Milling, Export and Import Programming, and many more.

The main objective of our CNC Programming Training is to provide knowledge and impart social expertise for engaging in the facilitation and promotion of CNC technologies.

  • Understand the basic procedures and concepts of programming. Set up and operations of a cnc machine centre.
  • Introduction to CNC.
  • Introduction to codes.
  • G Codes.
  • M codes.
  • Fundamentals of CNC lathe.
  • Offset setting.
  • Part programming.
  • Import and export programming.
  • Different canned cycle.
  • Grooving cycle.
  • Thread cycle.
  • Fundamentals of CNC milling.


The students who aspire to become experts in the domain of manufacturing and production can enrol in our CNC Machine training program.


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