Graphic Design is the art of designing visual content for communicating messages. By applying page layout tactics and visual hierarchy, the graphic designers make use of pictures and topography for meeting the specific needs of the users.

The scope for Graphic Design Courses is huge and profound. As per the recent data, the employment rate of the graphic designers will most expectantly grow by 10 percent over the upcoming five years. This is one of the fastest growing occupations in the job sector. The work of the graphic designers would continue being crucial in product marketing and brand advertising all through the economy. That being said, there is a very good chance of employment and growth in the field of graphic design & Web develoipment . You can go ahead and think of pursuing a brilliant career in this field.   

If you are aspiring to become a good graphic designer, we, at CAD DESK can help you in achieving your aim. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers can provide you the best training in graphic design to help you in fulfilling your aim.

Learning Objectives (Syllabus)

At CAD DESK, we offer the Best Graphic Design Training to all our students. Our Graphic design courses in Chandigarh include all the aspects of Graphic designing including:

  • Introduction to Graphic Design.
  • Shaping, Illustration, and Design.
  • Typography.
  • Graphic Designing Software and Tools.
  • Tools Included in This Course.
  • Portfolio Creation & Optimization.
  • Image Layout and Effects.
  • Photoshop.
  • Corel Draw.
  • Illustrator.

Who Can Join?

Our Graphic Design Training is beneficial for undergraduates and graduates, who want to pursue their career in the fields of advertising, design, web, television, marketing, and communication. These training courses can also be availed by Post Graduate students who want to acquire expertise in graphic design.