Dual Certificate Of Cadesk & Fluidus Engineering


The Robotics industry is related to construction, engineering, and functioning of the robots. It is a diverse and broad field that is associated with multiple consumer uses and commercial industries. The domain of Robotics  is all about analyzing how the physically developed technological systems can carry out an operation or participate in a mission in an interface.

Learning Objectives (Syllabus)

Fluidus Engineering At, CAD DESK is a leading and acclaimed Robotics Institute, offering industry-based Robotics Training in Chandigarh. Out training courses encompass every aspect of Robotics training including Introduction to Robotics, Drives, and Actuators, De-mining Robot, Sensors, Control Software, Kinematics, Differential Motion, Energy Methods, End-effecter Design, Dynamics, Rescue Robot, Computed Torque Control, System Integration, Navigation, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality & Tele-robotics, and Robot Testing.

Who Can Join?

Undergraduate engineers or individuals interested in learning Robotics Training in Chandigarh design and development can get enrolled in our Robotics program. These Robotics courses are also apt for entrepreneurs, educators, and researchers who are working in the field of Robotics.

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