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A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) CADDESK is a rugged computer that is utilised for conducting industrial automation. The PLCs can help in automating certain processes, system functions, or the whole production line.

The PLC takes information from input devices or connected sensors, processes data, and generates outputs depending upon the pre-programmed parameters. Based on the outputs and inputs, the PLC can check and record the run-time information like operating temperature or machine productivity.

PLC Hardware

A PLC system encompasses several hardware components such as Programming device, Power supply system, Memory, and CPU.

Advantages of Learning PLC

PLC is a very important software to learn if you want to work in some of the top organizations of the world. The PLC software has many important roles and is used for carrying out many critical purposes. Mentioned below are some of the top reasons you should know the PLC software:

    • With the PLC software, you can monitor and control instruments in big industries.
    • Good knowledge in PLC can help you in automating things so that important jobs can be conducted faster and productivity can be improved and enhanced.
    • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the PLC software can help you to get employed at some of the top positions of big organizations.
  • If you have good expertise in PLC, you can even work abroad.

Learning objectives (Syllabus)

CAD DESK is a highly acclaimed and leading PLC Training institute in Chandigarh. Our PLC Training in Chandigarh encompasses all the aspects of PLC including PLC configurations, Door Simulation, I/O Simulation, to name a few.

  • Introduction
  • Ladder Diagram Fundamentals
  • The Programmable Logic Controller
  • Fundamentals PLC Programming
  • Simulation
  • Work Problem – Excercises


Individuals and undergraduates who want to pursue their careers in maintaining and handling different electronic controls and development processes in the industries can enrol in our PLC training in Mohali.


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