MATLAB is a widely used programming platform that has been developed specifically for scientists and engineers. MATLAB is used for analyzing data, developing algorithms, and creating applications and models. It can be utilized for performing an extensive range of operations including machine learning, deep learning, signal processing, video and image processing, measurement and testing, system control, computational biology, and computational finance.

Why Should You Learn MATLAB?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider learning MATLAB:

  • MATLAB can help you in engineering and designing new and important solutions.
  • Learning MATLAB can help you to work with the linear algebra which is very important for calculating Return on Investment (ROI), predicting the turnover of your company, making business decisions, and developing financial plans.
  • The knowledge of MATLAB is important when it comes to carrying out numerical analysis.
  • You can make use of the concepts of MATLAB for exploring new theories.
  • MATLAB can help you in playing “Math games”. You can discover new techniques and tactic for solving mathematical problems in a better and more improved way.
  • The knowledge and understanding of MATLAB can help you in carrying out important research and conducting critical studies.
  • With the MATLAB you can also employ image processing.

Learning Objective

At CAD Desk, Fluidus Engineering offer industry-based MATLAB training in Chandigarh that involves all the aspects of this tool. The topics encompassed by our MATLAB course include Matlab software introduction, Mathematics with Matlab, Trigonometric Functions in Matlab, Complex Numbers in Matlab, Working with Vectors & Matrices  Matlab training in Chandigarh, Calculus in Matlab, Graph Plotting in Matlab, and many more.

  • Introduction of MAT LAB
  • SCALAR Mathematics
  • 2 D Plots
  • 3 D Plots
  • Matlab Programming
  • Integration of Differentiation
  • Simulink
  • Built in Functions

Who Can Join?

At CAD DESK, we offer the Best MATLAB Training in Mohali. Our MATLAB Training has been designed for Researchers, Programmers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and undergraduate engineers.