In a digitized world like today, all kinds of businesses prefer to be present online. That being said, however, having an online presence is not just enough for a business to run successfully. The businesses need to have their mobile applications as well so that their customers can have their services and products right at their fingertips.

As the necessity of mobile applications is increasing over time, the scope for mobile app developers is also rising. Hence, you need to possess knowledge and expertise of mobile app development if you want to pursue a career in this field.

Why undertake mobile application development training?

  • The mobile app industry is evolving and growing.
  • The future applications will run lives.
  • Huge employment scope.

Learning Objectives (Syllabus)

Fluidus Engineering  offers industry-based Mobile Application Development Training. Our training course involves all aspects of mobile app development including:

  • Factors in Mobile App Development.
  • Android Development.
  • iOS Development.
  • Mobile Sensors.
  • UIs.
  • Intents & Services.
  • Storing & Retrieving Data.
  • Security and Trust Management.
  • Ethics and Privacy.
  • Accessibility and Usability.
  • Developing and Incorporating Web and Cloud Services.
  • RESTful and Non-RESTful apps.

Who Can Join?

Any undergraduate who is willing to gain relevant knowledge and expertise in this domain can avail our industry-based Android Training in Chandigarh. Our iOS app development training can also be availed by postgraduate students who are interested in this field.

Why choose our mobile app development training?

  • Highly talented and experienced trainers offer our training.
  • We can promise you 100% assurance of employability.
  • Our teaching style and tactic will help you in learning the course faster and better.
  • By getting enrolled in our mobile app development training, you can get the maximum value for your money.